Can I remortgage to pay off debt?

Do you remember when you arranged your current mortgage? A lot may have changed since then:

your home is likely to have increased in value – according to statistics in June 2020, UK house price growth is up 2.4% on the year, and has increased from 1.6% at the start of 2020; if you have any kind of repayment mortgage, your monthly instalments have been taking care of both interest and capital repayments – you owe less now than you did at the beginning; the rise in house prices, together with the reducing balance of your current mortgage, mean that the loan to value (LTV) ratio between your outstanding loan and the value of your home is lower now than when you first arranged your mortgage; and new mortgage products are likely to have come onto the market – potentially offering improved terms and conditions, along with more competitive rates of interest. You can remortgage

All of these changes may help to create the conditions you need to remortgage yo…

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