What amount of fees do mortgage brokers charge?

When using a mortgage broker most will usually charge a fee. There are however some brokers that don't charge a broker fee at all. However the service you get and amount of involvement you get throughout a mortgage application will vary from broker to broker. Paying a fee doesn't necessarily mean that you will get a better service however we have typically found that brokers who do charge fees treat their business seriously and are committed to helping their clients. 

Brokers that don't charge fees often treat their businesses as a part time business and are happy to perhaps work part time or work flexible hours around their family needs. 

There are also a few national mortgage broker companies who have carved their niches and build strong brands around the fact that they never charge a fee. 

How brokers charge fees? Fees can be charged at several different parts of the process. Fee charged on decision in principle - some brokers wil…
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