Financing the build of your dream home

Who doesn’t have a vivid picture of their dream home in mind? It’s your dream and yours alone. So, you’ll want to maintain complete control over the building work and make it all a self-build project.

Although it’s a self-build project, that doesn’t mean it’s likely to come any the cheaper. Love Property magazine, for instance, revealed that the average cost of a self-built property – including the land, fees and building costs – is close to half a million pounds.

Your £500,000 or so investment is likely to be a sound decision, of course. But that doesn’t much help to find the half-million pounds in the first place – even if you have sold your existing home to build your dream home.

The solution may lie in a specialist self-build mortgage.

What is a self-build mortgage?

Just as the name suggests, a self-build mortgage is specifically designed to provide the finance you need for the building work on the dream home you have set your …

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