Quick guide to porting a mortgage and borrowing more

A question frequently asked by homeowners wanting to move up the housing ladder and buy a new home is whether they can take their existing mortgage with them or if they need to start all over again.

The good news is that it is generally quite possible, and often likely to be advantageous, to take your mortgage with you when moving house – and the process is called porting.


Porting is the process by which you transfer your existing mortgage to a new house you are buying.

As the Money Saving Expert points out, this flexibility in the way you use your mortgage may be very welcome, but it is by no means guaranteed. Many lenders offer the flexibility because, of course, they want to keep your business – and it may provide you with the chance to retain favourable mortgage terms.

If you satisfy the conditions imposed by your lender concerning the porting of your mortgage, you can keep the product with which you are satisfied and, …

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